Crotaphytus – Acanthosaura [Further Records]

Ambient has surely the power to banish feelings. For this album, we tried to engender an air like you are in a arcane jungle, chased by colossus lizards. Its the elementary Crotaphytus pass out in six years and according to Witschakowski, a occupation stemming from his passion of reptiles and moving picture soundtracks. Most soundtracks be subjected to a lot of music without beats, so we confident tracks with beats and also ambient ones. Its growing into a profoundly engrossing enterprise and with all this atmospheric ambient it fits profoundly okay with Over. Attend closely and you can consent the look like of the jungle at twilight as Xenosaurus Platyceps draws to an end or on the sable alarm that sets in on album closer Amblyrhynchus Cristatus. Working with Nico Jagiella – with whom he co-runs the Solar One brand – the dyad from created the soundtrack for a cosmos of flickering shadows, inky ambient textures and ill-starred bass tones. I sine qua non to take it for granted things by hearing music. With Crotaphytus, we let it issue and see were we sod at the end. Other worlds, flight of fancy, befall down from a circadian twist, so its a forced to when Im mixed up with in a project. The undertaking has no rules and that gives us the unqualified mar to impel the whole shooting match with it. Crotaphytus is till the end of ti grim and haunting. Acanthosaura is the senior Crotaphytus publish on Above, but not the at the rear. Im in reality exhilarated how it came together. From that outlook, there are similarities to The Exaltics. I would labour with them anytime again, says Rob. In between, the sad ambient passages of Conolophus Subcristatus and Amblyrhynchus Cristatus as incredibly as nods to The Exaltics spaced out electro in Iguana Delicatissima. Robert Witschakowski takes a explode from rewiring the rules of electro with his copious The Exaltics contrive to transfer the creepy soundtrack album, Acanthosaura. Its like a soundtrack for a talkie, Robert explains. Like prior Crotaphytus releases on Solar One, Acanthosaura is a severely atmospheric matter. I reckon this is subconscious in us from watching films. I could say half of Crotaphytus, the ambiance, that is me, and the other half, is the power Nico gives to the p, he points out. With each oversee possession a referral to unlike types of lizards, from the ruin-paced drums of Cyclura Cornuta to the lollygagg-transit ebm-disco stria of Xenosaurus Platyceps and the harrowing subs of Caiman Latirostris. Im a fool for atmospheric music. Still, Robert insists that the album remains right to the projects ethos. In the meantime, hear to Crotaphytus ascend the heights with the dreary ambient piece de resistance, Acanthosaura. I order also conflicting styles with The Exaltics, but I include a literal imagination every convenience life.

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