Cristian Lange – Sea Turtles – Ep [K47 Music]

No question about it, this is one of those finest tracks that make a quickly place in your heart. The kind of tracks that make you just smile with eyes closed to take you directly underwater to swim with many of them, with the turtles. Cristian Lange has done something like alchemy. With an exquisite melody, the groove punch deep with elegance, at the time that keys, envelopes and pads go submerging in a fresh harmony, classy, deep and blue as the sea itself, till the bridge of the song where the sound of a synth virtually blend it all, as water, diving deeper till the main melody open up, finding finally the sea turtles. You can see them, in slow motion, in a deep floating dance.

With this release comes three additional versions, including a beautiful down tempo mix, a classic delicious grand piano version with a string quartet arrangement, and a radio edit.

Cristian Lange - Sea Turtles (Original Mix)
Cristian Lange - Sea Turtles (Mating Mix)
Cristian Lange - Sea Turtles (Grand Version)
Cristian Lange - Sea Turtles (7" Edit)