Craig McWhinney, Petar Dundov, Eddie Hale – Echoes From A Hidden Silence [Chameleon Recordings]

Echoes from a Hidden Silence
It creeps. A darkness that moves through the hallways of my mind. It glides like smoke, silent across a wooden floor. Thick like tar, it laps at my toes, engulfs my feet, curling up and around my legs. I can feel its weight, heavy as it moves, slow as my body disappears.
It floods my mind, extinguishing the last glimmering light of my imagination. My muse. She was so safe and free but now I am horrified as she is choked by the hand of the shadow.
As darkness falls, my light is gone.
I squeeze my eyes shut tight and grit my teeth. I rally. I will not let her go. She is somewhere here, my muse, in the arms of the darkness as he escapes through the cavernous maze of my mind. I feel frozen, suspended in it’s web and scream as I force one foot to the ground. I wrench the other forward and soon I can hear my hurried steps across the hollowed floor.
With every stride I feel stronger as flashes of light appear in my mind. She is here, I know, as the bursts of light reveal a long hall. My heart races. I move faster, passing doorways to rooms I have never seen before. They confuse me, each one calling me back to the dark but I drive forward on the kinetic force of my will.
I enter a large room and stop all of a sudden as shadows and forms move before me.
Eerie in their dance. They are illuminated by flares of light from behind them. Is it her? My heart shudders and I move carefully around the faceless shadows. I move until I reach something blocking my way at my knees. A platform. I step up to find myself at the centre of the large room. The shadows continue to move, form like a never ending swell up and down. I see her glide in and out. My light. It is her, amongst the darkness. I feel tears well in the corners of my eyes. As the crowd moves to my light, the energy I feel is incredible. A feeling so vulnerable and lost and yet somehow I feel so free. I feel like I am home.
For it is in this space I find my peace. Amongst the faceless crowd. The movement and sway as it rises. The place that calls to me. Whispers from the shadows, weaving in and out as bodies move. As she moves. Amongst the chaos, I find my peace, I find her voice, my voice, through echoes from a hidden silence.

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