Covi, HaZa, Mila Dietrich, Van Hechter – Lies [Art Vibes Music]

The atmospheric Abstruse Line quasi-ballad ''Lies'' engulfs one's ears and centre into a bleak handsome course. Somewhere floating in ether, the federation of genres and vocals inclination spear with your reason and move house you. Remixed versions of ''Lies'' support alternatives which are equally ''grim-faced and captivating''; from HaZa's melodic Techno, to Mila Dietritch's nebulous Acid Domicile pl insignia, all the way to Covi's Electronica concept bouquet the primary Pandhora's review.

Van Hechter, Pandhora - Lies (Original Mix)
Van Hechter, Pandhora - Lies (Mila Dietrich Remix)
Van Hechter, Pandhora - Lies (HaZa Remix)
Van Hechter, Pandhora - Lies (Covi Remix)