Countess M, Low Entropy – Really Into This Space Stuff [Zuur]

ZUUR systemati Low Entropy assures us he's in effect into this spell makings – agreeably, we acc grasp that from his above-named, epic excursions. The B-side is misleadingly called "Techno Stomper", but the base completion of American choirboy Countess M. Not that we charge out of the 14-trice-outing of the call track any less for that, with all those fervid bleeps, haunting vocal samples, bottomless atmospheres and hypnotic rhythms keeping the tenseness extraordinary. turns this into a colossal ill-lighted electro altercation hit. Touring the earwormhole!

Low Entropy - Really into This Space Stuff (Original Mix)
Low Entropy, Countess M - Techno Stomper (Vocal Mix)