Cosmic_Vision, Feyser, Twenty Pound, Alfonsvs – Wout Stars – V1.0 [Wout Records]

Wout Records is tickled pink to just now a new compilation: "Wout Stars – v1.0".To assert it, are the artists who on the other side of hour accept helped to bourgeon the Cuba, from Portugal, until to Berlin, to lay one’s hands on himself in Lithuania and come back to Italy;"Morning Hunger" by Alfosvs, "Cassiopea" by Michele Anullo and Veitha, "Odin's Speculation" by Cesar M, "The Lone Woman" by Dinkis, "Spit" by Audiotrophe Ernaehrung, "Meet If You Challenge" by Twenty Crush, "NZT" by Feyser and "The Cascade Of The Rise up defy Angels" by they who replace the stars, along with their creations, in this prime variety of Wout Stars.

Alfonsvs - Morning Desire (Original Mix)
Michele Anullo, Veitha - Cassiopea (Original Mix)
Cesar M - Odin's Dream (Original Mix)
Dinkis - The Lone Star (Original Mix)
Audiotrophe Ernaehrung - Spike (Original Mix)
Twenty Pound - Cross If You Dare (Original Mix)
Feyser - NZT (Original Mix)
Cosmic_Vision - The Fall of the Rebel Angels (Original Mix)