Cortel – Cortel [Ezhevika]

We are glad to present a debut album by Nizhny Novgorod-based band Cortel. The the band founders, Sergei Kashkovsky and Dmitry Tochilin, started their musical careers with indie rock but eventually decided to move to more electronic sound. Sergei is band's vocalist and song-writer while Dmitry is responsible for the whole musical stuff.

Not without irony guys admit that primarily they intended to write trap music. But when writing the first track they understood it's too boring for them. After several experiments they found out that the most original and suitable way to beautify their music is to use samples and echoes of a long forgotten cultural epoch – jazz of the early and middle 20th century.

"The only difficulty we had when we wrote the album, is that we had not much time for this. We both have families and jobs. And despite a great wish to create music, no extra hours added to the daytime", say the guys. "This album became a part of us. We both contributed our personal experience in it and tried to paint something interesting for the listeners".

For the two band members it's still not completely clear what genre of music they play: "Dmitry thinks we play IDM while I sure it's RnB", says Sergei the vocalist. "Still there is one big thing that unites us: despite the dominance of electronica in our music we try to create something 'alive'. Music you can enter into a dialogue with. Music that provokes new emotions and thoughts inside you".

Cortel - No Way Back (Original Mix)
Cortel - Run (Original Mix)
Cortel - She (Original Mix)
Cortel - You and I (Original Mix)
Cortel - Stay (Original Mix)
Cortel - Roads (Original Mix)
Cortel - One Word (Original Mix)
Cortel - Past (Original Mix)