Corey Biggs – The Tibetan Book Of The Dead [Gobekli Tepe]

Nature is possession which is saturated through and through with the most personal connotations. Nature is the function of the particular culture. Corey Biggs makes his debut with The Tibetan Book Of The Dead Ep; this beautiful cosmic sound is for all to agree. Enjoy! The existence of karma implies the will to cosmic life. We produce it as the result of such and when produced it becomes itself the cause of it. This composition original of The Tibetan Book Of The Dead encompasses drum synergy of Narumba. (The Unreal world of names and forms) to enjoy all heavens, below and above. The blood of ancestors flows through the chain of generations and binds them in great linkage of destiny, beat and time. This is the outcome of the idea to the Keys to your Soul. This deep house sound boundless entry will be your creation of the next century. History is eternal becoming and therefore eternal future. Welcome to the Three Lands where the drum will beat of the resistance to your pineal gland. …

Corey Biggs - The Book of the Dead (Original Mix)
Corey Biggs - Keys to the Soul (Original Mix)
Corey Biggs - The Three Lands (Original Mix)