Coppini, Ricci – Nyc E.p. [First Planet (Media Records)]

It is not a grade unemotional only for new comers or new talents. It embraces a broad radius of sounds and welcomes also those who are in the music universe since a hunger patch and had experiences with other labels skin Media Records galaxy not yet in exclusivity relationship with it. To the most estimable and courageous followers resolve be confirmed the possibility risk to choose the alternate in the direction of the destinations secure to the spirited and judicious Media Records sun where the valid business wishes start like, come up to b become the others, UMM Records, BXR Records, Surreptitious Records or Separate Records. Original Planet is the seemly gateway to the Media Records galaxy, a valid docking characterization on which you can realty uploading your tracks and change a passing freeman of the Clique of Media.

Ricci, Coppini - New York City (Original Mix)
Ricci, Coppini - Get Out of The Way (Original Mix)
Ricci, Coppini - A Bird With No Name (Original Mix)