Control Change, Crimson, Ncomfortable – Mi Amor Ep [BNC Express]

Crimson's remix is a techy horror that uses the starting's vocal and piano melodies to shove the consonance unabashed into the future with some top groove work. Hosbn Rock-face is the ep's most empirical song : ethereal atmospheres, mad as a March hare arpeggios and some awe-inspiring drumwork absolutely set forth the in Britain director's passion for other genres. A jazzy piano strain take the conformity during an hypnotic bassline and all things is adequately glued together by the vocal samples. Don't let Mi Amor " standardized " intro clodpole you ,this set attend to and this ep is much more than that! The name follow is a Cyclopean specimen of liquefied funk with a brawny jungle pressure mainly on the drums. A but not least Check Inter delivers a profitable mangle that showcases all the discernment of this Italian duo, making the ep a vast pick for every dnb lover. Rounding up the ep are Mi Amor's Crimson and Conduct Silver remixes.

Ncomfortable - Mi Amor (Original Mix)
Ncomfortable - Hosbn Cliff (Original Mix)
Ncomfortable - Mi Amor (Crimson Remix)
Ncomfortable - Mi Amor (Control Change Remix)