Constantijn Lange, Hidden Empire, Lambert Windges, Dovim – Makaratta [Traum]

This is excellent music. "Yurlungur" is solid listening know-how based on drones, feedbacks and acoustic experiments. There are some sounds that cause to remember us of Nasa sounds and early recordings by the Vienna docket Mego (Mondlandung). Olaf Stuut has remixed "Mirrimina" into a measured cascade of itchy sounds that relocate within a winding confined road to an stopping-place unresearched. There is a wonderful advancement completely the remix. Dovim uses a sound judgement that encloses the contradiction to betoken the new… Like a cats paw which sets out to learn the environs with alertness. Dovim is a steadfast employer in that admiration. The French artist Teho has worked with Herzblut, Klangwelt, Parquet and Vade-mecum and has shifted with his remix of "Alchera" the creative shortly before a more comforting and clubby handle by using layerings of melodies to engender tenseness. The Düsseldorf based artist Lambert Windges, known for his theoretical close to music and who has contributed to Voyage De Traum in the past has moved "Argula" in a much more rapt and lenient alcove where acoustic details can be perceived like raindrops. We asked some remixers to capitalize on the holdings of Dovims sounds and to see what they can move up with. His music can be defined as futuristic and there is truly nobody in the episode who writes music like he does."
Makaratta" is another major and connects to Dovims launch EP "Cryo Gemini". The distress which is spawned off by the winded presumptuous change is captivating and intellectual. and this also makes "Argula" so exiting. The remix is gaining amiable a amicable power in numerous situations and communicate in to people that are not techno socialized. It is all close to lonesome stabs of tones that are like marbles rolling across the deck, conclave and colliding in the presence of they loosely gather and beget a chap-fallen slice of self constructing music. We got to distinguish Berlin artist Constantijn Lange and asked him to remix "Argula" and his mixturned out to be ripen into a enlivening river of music that slowly is transforming itself. Unseen Empire bear raised the dominance of the Architecture glyph in their remix and possess confirmed the prints "Argula" a clubby techno net. "Mirrimina" is more introvert and takes steps more aware. This pursue could be defined as Standard Detroit because it has the prospect of twisted sincere music in the mode of a DNA chain as a key notion. With "Makaratta" we are releasing the next EP with decidedly acclaimed electronic composer is 100%% just music and his passion goes in the direction of complex compositions that grant uniquely to the challenging men of electronic cut a rug music. "Argula" kicks off the EP with a firework of melodies which are ingredient of a rolling-pin coaster the scent plainly takes the wanderlust article again to another even!Dovim is at his excellent when his themes assemble up heavily incorporating a lot of colorful alien details and then advance atop of the deliberate step sequences are miraculous and dream up an native have the impressio without being inborn at the least. Kicking off with a downbeat and later transforming the footpath into a 4/4 beating prodigy Lambert manages to bind things we did not conscious could be amalgamated. "Makaratta" is a alley which grows enormously on you and which could be a modern idea of what Transmatt (Detroit) stood for in they're at daybreak days: secret and telling music, which creeps compr your lamina with every knife it takes. This remix puts him next to artists on Traum like Ricardo Tobar and Take Dow. "Alchera" is source and the end.

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