Connected – Cthulhu Awakens Ep [Terminal Trax]

Fatal Trax presents the immensely clever Swedish Canada entrepreneur 'ConnecteD'
Cthulhu Awakens EP contains two wickedly impenetrable hitting, tested tracks that procure been rocking leap floors across the world! DJ Uphold: Proteus, Fausto, Splinta, Loki, Pete Kingwell, DJ Mosquito, Sixth Intelligibility, Side E-fect, Luca Folco, Douglas (USA Cataleptic Moving parts), Noizy Boy, Jake Nicholls, Fergus, Hakka, Ariel Cudgel, Quinny, Sander, Re-Tech, Destruct, Keoni Mira, Danny Slade, Preserve, Lively, Dave Spinout, Rockin Russ, Rob Cain, MissCreant, Kian Fervid

Connected - Cthulhu Awakens (Original Mix)
Connected - Dead But Dreaming (Original Mix)