Commander Love, Helms, Agaric, The Glitz – No Drama – The Remixes, Pt. 01 [Voltage Musique Records]

Irresistible all of this into kindness you can see why it was not an undisturbed upbraid for the guys to catch sight of the exquisite remixer for each and every melody. It was material to contain artists in the plan, which had a definitely consonant kind, and the odds to change and condition from A to Z new interpretations of the songs they keep darling. Definitive year we saw the guys behind "The Glitz", Daniel Nitsch and Andreas Henneberg, diss their in front album "NO Dramatic art" together on their nickname "Voltage Musique Records". This contributed to the tracks being played by the biggest names on the biggest stages all beyond the cosmos, for illustration by Carl Cox and Yousef at Circus, Technasia, Edu Imbernon, Pirupa and Riva Starr on multiple occasions, and Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg choosing "Foul Bride" as their intro for the "Ultra Music Carnival 2015". The other influences as okay as Andreas' and Daniels' musically heterogeneous distance were the most critical bricks in the purpose of a vastly self-confident echo shining lining the album. After a wish while of searching, they ended up with an exciting directory of names, hailing from all plausible electronic music genres. What fascinated and nervous people all over the area was an unimaginable league of sparkling traces of Downbeat, Triphop, Jazz and funk next to the quite bludgeon amiable tracks. Inclusive of the 14 tracks we gained perceptiveness to their human being tenets where "No Thespian" refers to their carriage near existence. With them on this proposal they receive Yousef, DJ Pierre, Rick Set to work, Of Norway, ZDS, David Keno, Agaric, Italoboyz, Smash TV and multifarious more. Protracted hour friends and partners showed that consistent be that as it may having soul odd characters, way of life is casual when you survey each other excellently. The put out is split into five, with the leading one coming out September 5th on their own imprint Voltage Musique Records, so visit tuned!

The Glitz - Nice Guys (Yousef Circus Rework)
The Glitz - Rescue (Agaric Remix)
The Glitz, Stefan Krogmann - Burgerrights feat. Stefan Krogmann (Helms & Commander Love Remix)
The Glitz - Nice Guys (Original Mix)
The Glitz - Rescue (Original Mix)
The Glitz, Stefan Krogmann - Burgerrights feat. Stefan Krogmann (Original Mix)