Colin McNel – The K-15 Projects [Disciple of Groove  ]

Is allways a pleasure present a new work from Colin McNeil (. K-15), brilliant composer who have the ability to create epic tracks for the dancefloor, ambient pieces for the horizontal listening or blow you up with fantastics cinematic atmospheres.
'Air Bonair' is a classic techno track, worthy of a master. 'Neptune Rising' is like a river where confluence of many waters from different sources, micro-house, deep-electro, Detroit, glitch sounds, uplifting melodies…
The ep also include 6 previous tracks released under K-15 nickname.
'Cheesemite' Inspired by a documentary about the microorganisms that inhabit the cheese that people are so happily eat, K-15 creates this track that will delight those who love the frenetic beats and pumping grooves. 'Noctilucent' clicks and cuts to create a rhythmic structure K-15's trade mark that beside the simple and effective bassline form a fantastic groove, deep and techno. 'Supercell' are ten minutes of minimal in pure state really deep. 'Giga' a Techno track with groovy beginning crescendo to a total euphoria. 'Pipeline' it show us the more emotional face of this artist who on this track demonstrates why we should consider him like one of the Electronica's talents from UK. 'Some Great Reward' broken beats and flanging melodies to build this beautiful piece of danceable Electronica.

Colin McNel - Air Bonair (Original Mix)
Colin McNel - Neptune Rising (Original Mix)
Colin McNel - Cheesemite (Original Mix)
Colin McNel - Noctilucent (Original Mix)
Colin McNel - Supercell (Original Mix)
Colin McNel - Pipeline (Original Mix)
Colin McNel - Giga (Original Mix)
Colin McNel - Some Great Reward (Original Mix)