Clifford Irving, Pathogen Beats, T.F.T, Wrighteous – Organic Origins [Pathogen Productions]

Pathogen Productions presents its 33rd release Organic Origins.

Organic Origins promises to deliver the essence of what Pathogen Productions is all about. We pride ourselves on releasing fresh new and exciting artists to the scene, and Organic Origins delivers this to the fullest. 7 Tech house & Techno inspired tracks, made from the pure love of electronic music and originating from each artist familiar, creation of their own unique sound. Organic Origins is something different to the ear.

Wrighteous - Energy (Original Mix)
Karnatd - Tension (Original Mix)
PonyTech - The Rag Doll Effect (Original Mix)
Zac B - The Question (Original Mix)
T.F.T - Defiance (Original Mix)
Pathogen Beats - Stereophonic Sound (Original Mix)
Clifford Irving - Ascend (Original Mix)