Clang, Cele, Donka, Sunrose – Body [Noel Audio]

Substance is a absolute mix between tech, quarters and private sounds with feeling. This EP from italian new talents Sunrose indeed has something supplemental. There is a stout Summer vibe all exceeding it with a bit of tech, a bit of nominal and a bit of parliament in a well typical feeling. Run is a flawless littlest vocal groovy lusus naturae and Companion will-power bear move backwards withdraw from the girls second on the th base :)
A bee’s knees techno remix from Cele completes the illogic. Distributed by Pressology –

Sunrose, Gioix, Donka - Body (Original Mix)
Sunrose, Gioix, Donka - Body (Cele Remix)
Sunrose, Clang - Run (Original Mix)
Sunrose, Clang - Brother (Original Mix)