CL-ljud – Sexy Doll Ep [Bad Barbie Records]

Another release is here and with it we welcome to CL-ljud to Bad Barbie Records with his Sexy Doll EP. This fantastic release includes five original tracks starting with Puzzle, a great piece that has a mix between minimal and micro house elements and structure, as many of the remaining tracks, especially present with the drums and synth stabs in the backend that creates the melody side of the track. The strong and deep bass line also helps to reach out the amazing groove this track haves. The second track is Open Dances, and it has a prominent tech structure, but it also presents an underground aura very characteristic of CL-ljud tracks. The bass line, as well as the ambience elements, play a big role in the construction of the groove for this track that definitely can rock any dance floor very easily with the aura it generates between those elements, and ambience fxs and random stabs. The third track, Sexy Doll, dives between deep and techno, mainly because of the main hypnotic synth that builds a terrific vibe that grows slowly towards the track evolves. The groove of this track as the name says, has a strong defined sexiness that can move almost to any kind of crowd in a dancefloor really easy. A great piece for sure. The fourth track named It Doesn't Matter, presents a funky bass line groove that guides the track with a superb quality, but it also has an immersive cloudy ambience that generates suspensive vibe generated mostly by the long synths stabs in the backend creating a pseudo melody too. The fifth and last track, Drinking Coffee, has a minimalistic structure and more elaborated base groove that slowly starts to gain momentum as it advances. It also presents several deep elements, like the nice and warm stabs that softens the hardness of the base, and some nice vocals to help build a nice atmosphere. But despite the base, the bass line here has again lot of significance and strength, making it a very easy track to listen and play.

CL-ljud - Puzzle (Original Mix)
CL-ljud - Open Dances (Original Mix)
CL-ljud - Sexy Doll (Original Mix)
CL-ljud - It Doesn't Matter (Original Mix)
CL-ljud - Drinking Coffee (Original Mix)