Cj Jeff, Ardalan, Eddie Amador – Psycho X Girlfriend: 6 Am Remixes [Yoshitoshi Recordings]

His unostentati, catchy melodies grab the notable Yoshitoshi vibe smashingly. After the triumph of Forebears Music and Be upstanding, we irrefutable to change and go for a dual A sided remix package with two distinctly conflicting remixers. Greek edifice don CJ Jeff took on 6AM, the groovy and oft-overlooked 2006 wee hours anthem from Amador. So content meet Ardalan and CJ Jeff to the Yoshitoshi kinsfolk! The remix again shows this na gun's bent for creating bona fide bangers that victual the vitality of clan in the land of the living sensitive. Preordained Ardalan's propensity for contraband basslines and communicable grooves, Psycho X Girlfriend seemed like the suited preference for the Dirtybird affiliate. Yes, we're stand behind at it again with more Eddie Amador. His remix bears a prodigious 808 kick that floors the mix (no pun intended) into overdrive. Look out for this pass out on vinyl and Beatport September 26th. He flipped the tracked on its chief by pumping it loaded of sub 100 Hz frequencies, loony effect effects, and measured a purloin of acid.

Eddie Amador - Psycho X Girlfriend (Ardalan Remix)
Eddie Amador - 6am (CJ Jeff Remix)
Eddie Amador - Psycho X Girlfriend (Original Mix)
Eddie Amador - 6am (Original Vocal)