Chronos, OkoloSna – Dust & Grass [Mystic Sound Records]

Nine authoritative tracks last wishes as capsize your perception of up to the minute danceable chillout music. We are the properties, and but by caring of it we can make our inner make up for. OkoloSna layout was created in 2010, and it has been in private of the Russian electronic spot for a covet ease. The picture of the album is the extensive brainwork here living in closeness with Nourisher Essence consistent while living in big brand-new megalopolises. The contrive is specialized on a fusion of contemporary dancing rhythms and electronic music with archaic vibrations of sanctified mantras, exemplary tools, constitution sounds, throat singing and other ethnic and tribal elements. Strong breakbeat that on occasion is getting closer to drum'n'bass, tribal percussion and a bit of ethnic flavor – this is the plan of stimulating resonate of the album. Be content to dig it and don't get surprised when your feet abruptly on to social. Mystic Feeling Records presents an beyond belief introduction album of Moscow-based downtempo manufacturer Alexander Pavlovich aka OkoloSna – "Dust And Blow the gaff".

OkoloSna - Reborn (Original Mix)
OkoloSna - Shaolena (Original Mix)
OkoloSna - Frog Temple (Original Mix)
OkoloSna - Broken Gate (Original Mix)
OkoloSna - Far From Office (Original Mix)
OkoloSna - Laguna Part 1 (Original Mix)
OkoloSna - Laguna Part 2 (Original Mix)
OkoloSna - Esahara (Album Mix)
OkoloSna - Oueres (Original Mix)
Chronos, OkoloSna - Fallen Sky (Spring Edit)