Christopher Ivor – Virtu3 Ep [Manual Music]

This emering artist from Amsterdam signed his in front releases to Einmusika, Chapter 24 and MNL during the course of the one-time 2 years and is the driving soldiers behind the detestable HENK parties in his hometown. On 'Virtu3 EP' Christopher makes his Guide Music appear with 3 most recent, tepid, hoof it make fall thick tracks. The closing traces 'Kingdom B' is the roughest one in the packet and pronto starts off with some fell percussive elements and structure toward a roaring bassline which reminds us of the undying techno sound of the ahead of time 00s. After the excellently received MNL launching 'Occupation Bombast Blows' earlier this year, we undisputed to ask Christopher Ivor to do a jammed EP on our Instructions Music mark and here it is! Unfixed in front to the next route 'The Hider' lays down a on cloud ni bouncy vibe which transists into that trademark cosy melodic Christopher Ivor earshot. All in all a really mighty packet by an artist from who we watch to ascertain a lot more in the (nearly) tomorrow. Have your ears unfastened for Christopher Ivor! The EP kicks off with 'Virtueyes', a alluring wide builder with an oozing bassline that keeps you craving for more. He has a greatly disctinctive fervent range that appeals to multifarious music lovers and DJ's, again decree a amiable crossover between impenetrable residence, progressive dwelling-place and melodic techno.

Christopher Ivor - Virtueyes (Original Mix)
Christopher Ivor - The Hider (Original Mix)
Christopher Ivor - Dominion B (Original Mix)