Chris Odium, Rishi K., Tamandua Twist, JoC H – Enhanced Experience [Sonic Soul Records]

Next up is a stunning release from a collab between JoC H and Gon Laserna, apply named "Enhanced Experience".

After the success of "Enhanced Experience" on a previous compilation we decided to re-release it with a few great remixes.

The Original Mix is a deep progressive track based on a great chord progression. Banging basslines, sublime guitars and perfectly tweaked percussion make this a top
quality production bringing a deep emotional vibe to the dance floor.

Tamandua Twist goes for a much deeper and groovier remix. His typical style is easy to identify with lots of heavy sidechaining, vocal cuts, bouncy basslines and that classic
deep house vibe that Vitaly is more and more known for. This remix is peppered with beautiful piano and an alternative chord progression. Just great for warm up sets.

Label manager Rishi K. comes in with his take on the remix next with a warm shifting bassline and a track that progresses slowly and builds into an all out vocal track with a strong melody.
Powerful enough for peak time, but chill enough for warm up sets, this warm remix will be great any time.

With great releases on labels such as Nuevadeep and Silk Music, Chris Odium chimes in last with his stunning remix. The remix remains true to the original but changes the bassline and gives
the track a slightly more progressive feel with a beautiful synth melody overlaying the groovy foundation.

All in all, we are very proud to present this next release to you, and hope you will enjoy and support it!

One love,


JoC H, Gon Laserna - Enhanced Experience (Original Mix)
JoC H, Gon Laserna - Enhanced Experience (Tamandua Twist Remix)
JoC H, Gon Laserna - Enhanced Experience (Rishi K. Soft Touch Mix)
JoC H, Gon Laserna - Enhanced Experience (Chris Odium Remix)