Chris Lorenzo, Alex Mills – Sleep Talk [Azuli Records]

The vocal course, featuring the utter of Alex Mills, is 4/4 by disposition with an unmistakeable cadenced, syncopated origination giving it that 'bassline' force. Chris Lorenzo featuring Alex Mills 'Slumber Talk'
Written & Produced by Christopher Lawrence pka Chris Lorenzo
Vocals Written & Performed by Alex Mills
Published by Ultra Music Publishing & Copyright Master
Chris Lorenzo is managed exclusively by
P&C 2016 Azuli Records Chris Lorenzo had already co-produced an unrestricted regional gesture by the stretch people were hearing his style, but now his dues are rolling in. He is decision-making for producing the well-meaning of low, rumbling, jacking basslines that made his line 'Rhymes' the set attend to of the summer and #13 in the patriotic tabulation in 2014. Based in Birmingham, Chris has been heavily knotty in what he calls the 'dynasty & bass' music that has thrived in the Midlands in the eventually five years. Asides from these achievements, Chris is an incredibly profuse and broadly top-notch creator and has clock on up with a noticeably more 'legislative body' path for his senior save on Azuli. 'Catnap Talk' is the affable of unmistakably-organized route that's mos served blasting from your tranny this summer.

Alex Mills, Chris Lorenzo - Sleep Talk feat. Alex Mills (Original Mix)