Chris Larsen (CA) – Hey / Don’t Matter [Vicey Loops]

Haling from Toronto, Canada; we have prepared a very special EP by the hand of Chris Larsen, the one and only in charge of our twentieth installment at the Vicey camp. A unique style in his electricity and fresh sound, he has deliver a two original track EP (Hey / Don't Matter) that has englobe craziness and creativity all together. Mad percussion programing has been shown in both tracks and always underlining in a Hip-Hop infused output, Chris, has reached a delicious blend between sexy rhythms and crazy vocal sequences along side spacey synths that it's only persuasion is a seductive way to "keep-on-going" on the dancefloor.

Chris Larsen (CA) - Hey (Original Mix)
Chris Larsen (CA) - Don't Matter (Original Mix)