Chris Hirose, Kevin de Vries, Hours, Introversion – Aftermath Ep [Concepts of Time]

COT007 – Introversion – Aftermath EP
Incl. versions by Kevin De Vries, Chris Hirose, HOURS

Berlin based Introversion debuts on CONCEPTS OF TIME with three atmospheric exercises in polyrhythm, syncopation and melody. Create fuses stomping drums with lush pads, which are reworked by Labelhead HOURS into a driving summer tool. Kevin De Vries transforms the twisted drumming of Development into a energetic stomper, while Chris Hirose emphasizes the pensive aspects of Aftermaths melodies in his Edit.


1. Introversion – Create (Original Mix)
2. Introversion – Create (HOURS Remix)
3. Introversion – Development (Original Mix)
4. Introversion – Development (Kevin De Vries Mix)
5. Introversion – Aftermath (Original Mix)
6. Introversion – Aftermath (Chris Hirose Edit)

Artwork Foto Credit: Florentine Pilvi

Introversion - Create (Original Mix)
Introversion - Create (HOURS Remix)
Introversion - Development (Original Mix)
Introversion - Development (Kevin De Vries Remix)
Introversion - Aftermath (Original Mix)
Introversion - Aftermath (Chris Hirose Edit)