Chris Ghainer – Meditations Ep [Dancing In]

Including four tracks, the Meditations EP starts off the with an after hours journey into the depths of acid. The simple percussive arrangement leaves room for the tripped-out acid to breath its eternal darkness into the dancer's hearts. Making a trip till the end reveals the true harmonic capabilities of this new wave of acid. The bass is a reverberation of the soul soon entangled with a dreamy morphing synth chord and chirping acid-birds. The break will either drive you mad or force your brain to resonate with pure ecstasy.

Distributed by Pressology –

Chris Ghainer - Meditation 1 (Original Mix)
Chris Ghainer - Meditation 2 (Original Mix)
Chris Ghainer - Meditation 3 (Original Mix)
Chris Ghainer - Meditation 4 (Original Mix)