Chris Blum, Andy Walden, Andy Walden, Chris Blum – Backstage Bitch [Lights Out Toronto Records]

Whereas the basic of the tracks, Backstage Whore, bestows a spooky plodding stria met with ambience, the younger pursue, Inner Fray, captures a dextrously orchestrated mellifluous yield to. Winning on a newcomer shape, this EP showcases two tracks tandem, each separately interpreted by the German talents. Chris Blum returns to LOT Records; this patch with an EP save, and in collaboration with the also skilled Andy Walden.

Chris Blum - Backstage Bitch (Original Mix)
Chris Blum - Backstage Bitch (Andy Walden Remix)
Andy Walden - Inner Conflict (Original Mix)
Andy Walden - Inner Conflict (Chris Blum Remix)