Chocky, Leigh Morgan – Project Pickle [Fancy Human]

Fancy Human's Leigh Morgan has been knocking around a while, running Urban Torque Recordings for the best part of a decade throughout the naughties. Having reached a satisfactory level of noodle shinnery on his baldy bonce, he has put down the scalp polish and finally started making music. Project Pickle is his second solo EP.

Project Pickle includes three original tracks, nailing his colours to the mast; Dilly of a Pickle begins with a clear indication of pickle preference, Pie on the Sly the accompanying dish, and Almost Champion a nod to the ultimate disappointment in food related release punnery.

We asked Chocky to come on board for remix duties, once he'd told us which was his favourite pickle, his answer we'll take to our graves. Chocky has been winning plaudits for his deep dubby jazzy grooves through Artful Division, Nature Soul Music, Roots for Bloom and Audio Parallax etc, and here he's on great form with, er, a deep dubby jazzy re-imaging, lovely stuff.

Leigh Morgan - Dilly of a Pickle (Original Mix)
Leigh Morgan - Dilly of a Pickle (Chocky's Dubfloor Mix)
Leigh Morgan - Pie on the Sly (Original Mix)
Leigh Morgan - Almost Champion (Original Mix)