CHILL COLLECTIVE – The Essence Ep [DNBB Recordings]

A giant prime by Coryza Collective. Here is the coming out Ep from Frosty Collective, an superb Ep with 4 profound and inscrutable tunes. Wonderful Vocals and wonderful bassline. The fourth commotion that closes this tremendous EP is called ' When You Say ' has an wonderful vibe, with mammoth basslines and beats ideal. The another on called: 'Gensing' is more sentimental way, low BPM and big kicks there! The chief route called 'Bottom line' can makes person trip the light fantastic toe on the d. Remarkably acutely colossal street. Noteworthy street. This air impressed us by Bassline fully segmented and plainly driven by the LFO sense that the farmer put on there. The footprint more 'fluent funky ' reminding one of the Measure primordia times with cut vocals and much LFOs! The third music called: 'How It Is' has a unthinkable female vocals. Superior chilly out music.

CHILL COLLECTIVE - Essence (Original Mix)
CHILL COLLECTIVE - Gensing (Original Mix)
CHILL COLLECTIVE - How It Is (Original Mix)
CHILL COLLECTIVE - When You Say (Original Mix)