Children of Euphoria, Chelsea Grimm, Jade Statues, Spurz – In The Bright Light Of Flares [Drama Hands]

Spurz follows up his debut Drama Hands release 'Spirit Functions' with 'In The Bright Light Of Flares', further building on his uniquely dark heavy sound. "LeaveU" starts off the record, a fast paced heavy-hitter that harkens back to early grime, with barrages of punchy kicks and pixelated video game synths laying the groundwork for the track's soaring vocal sample. "Marred Linguistics" is a minimal dubstep roller, purpose built for pitch black raves with walls of sound. Swirling synths drone, build then drop out, giving way to cold stabs, reverberated horns and double-time rhythms. Finally there's "Celeste", a deconstructed nod to early hardcore and trance that rounds out the record. Lo fi breaks push and pull the tempo as rave sirens drift in and out, gently giving way to an ethereal feminine presence.

Also featured is an all Vancouver lineup of remixers. RBMA alumnus Jade Statues' "Pan Flute Regurgitation" of LeaveU blows apart the original, adding extra artillery for the dance. Chelsea Grimm adds his signature warm synths to Marred Linguistics, giving the remix a skittering 2step flavor, while the mysterious Children Of Euphoria pull Celeste from the past into the present, turning it into an aggressive breaks laden DnB stomper.

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Spurz - LeaveU (Original Mix)
Spurz - Marred Linguistics (Original Mix)
Spurz - Celeste (Original Mix)
Spurz - LeaveU (Jade Statues 'Pan Flute Regurgitation' edit)
Spurz - Marred Linguistics (Chelsea Grimm remix)
Spurz - Celeste (Children Of Euphoria remix)