Chi – The Original Recordings [Astral Industries]

Essentially, the music is half electronic, half acoustic. We ended up with a gathering of punks and freaks, but they really loved it. In the interval we saw the highway to Rotterdam. Hanyo van Oosterom to CHI: 'CHI started in the modern awful years in the initially eighties. In the winter we sat make inaccessible together, no heating, exclusive blankets, candles and brandy. We employed the Commodore 64 to generate sequences. Highlights were our first at Lantaren/Venster (Rotterdam, 1986 – 2 nights sold out, thanks to Theo Hensen) and our Paradiso (Amsterdam, 1987) direct on the prime status transmit active on federal transmit. They released a CD 15 years later in 2000 on their new trade mark Container Music. Fijko was playing his spacey videos and projecting trippy slideshows. Who knows what may become of come upon next….'… We had two synths (a Juno 60 and JX3P), a few guitars, an old Revox tapedeck for loops (some loops were 7 metres fancy race previous bottles) and a lot of preternatural handmade instruments, percussion, bamboo flutes; an old, weakened piano, a pocket-sized Philicorda annual and diverse effects like distilled water, shaken yogurt (Soppin), stoma-sounds, way-noises, etc. Jurgen was creating all good of effects and recording the whole. We started doing sound experiments in an old grange in Moordrecht (thanks to Jan van Rhee and Kees van der Veer). Customarily we played from the belated morning untill sunrise. We carried 7 monitors for the video and had 3 big screens for slideshows. A while of switch and wit-blowing albums. Its a oversee that I made as a guideline for CHI in 1984, featuring a Hopi respected speaking of Hopi prophecies and the following of the faction. Weve added the wake trace 'Hopi', which was in days gone by exclusively released on cassette. Our cassette was a collectors memo at the storied Amsterdam based brand and put preserve Staalplaat. We brought a crammed PA-set for every sitting (thanks to Jurgen and Fijko) to get the ethical experience. We brought our actual hifi-sets on division for serene listening cheer. We did sessions of 3 days and nights. In the summer, all the doors and windows were unwrapped; birds flew in and out. Now, 30 years later, Astral Industries (thanks to Ario Farahani) releases an upper-class restrictive vinyl printing. What made it distinctive is that we also performed it unexploded.

Chi - Kuhl (Original Mix)
Chi - Before the Mountain (Original Mix)
Chi - Hopi (Original Mix)
Chi - Twisted Camel (Original Mix)
Chi - Mahat (Original Mix)
Chi - Soppin' (Original Mix)
Chi - Dance (Original Mix)
Chi - Kuhl II (Original Mix)