Chemicalz, Patt-E, Outforce – Where Are You Now? [Totally Ardcore Records]

This is guaranteed to be a dancefloor slammer! Two of Swindon's finest DJs, 'Patt-e and Chemikalz', erect their introduction on Absolutely 'Ardcore Records, teaming up with the completely proficient DJ & impresario Outforce. Lots of chops and changes completely in actuality board you guessing as to what is coming next. Representing from Glasgow, Outforce has scads releases controlled by his swath on labels including GTYM & Lawfulness Hardcore and is without doubt one of the fastest rising stars in hardcore at this beat. With a quirky and brand-new into, this way leads nicely into the sooner itemization with grand vocals sitting on top of a rolling breakbeat. The impaired distillation has a marginally more euphoric believe. Outforce's productions are ever after top level and this track is no oddity. The dominant riff is widely known and potent, and the develop up and snare kicks add a material brunt when the motif drops.

Outforce, Patt-E, Chemicalz - Where Are You Now? (Original Mix)