Chemical Play, Nico Kohler – Run And Hide Ep [HIDE + SEEK]

Second from: STACEY PULLEN (Crosstown Rebels / Cadenza / Joyless), TIMO MAAS (Rockets & Ponies / MFR), CHRIS FORTIER (Absent-minded / Sullivan Lodgings / Counterpoise), JOSEPH CAPRIATI (Drumcode / CLR), LUIGI MADONNA (Phobiq / Drumcode), KYLE GEIGER (Drumcode), TOMY DECLERQUE (Intec / Phobiq), SPEAKING MINDS (My Favorite Automaton, AEON, Cityfox), LARRY CADGE (Kling Klong / Noir / Smiley Fingers), PACO OSUNA (Extra 8 / Waggle / Mindshare) + divers more! CHEMICAL Disport oneself Remix. Next up, a joyless and sullen Techno EP inc.

Nico Kohler - Run and Hide (Original Mix)
Nico Kohler - Run and Hide (Chemical Play Remix)
Nico Kohler - Frazzled Mind (Original Mix)
Nico Kohler - Driving up the Wall (Original Mix)