Chaser – Ambition Ep [Mindtech Recordings]

Mindtech come back with another EP of profuse hitting neurofunk beats and this convenience life it's up and coming business ChaseR in the hot fundament! Punchy neurofunk trade from your comradely nearly bass dealers; it's Mindtech Recordings. 'Fly' opens the EP with a brutal raid of distorted mids, punchy sub and staccato drum beats, impelling at celerity and punching callous! 'Digital Summer' builds stress on the intro with epic, shimmering pads and crunchy percussion once dropping into a robotic, techno-infused biggest apportion that hypnotises the listener with it's annoyed, distorted scratch. Most recent up, 'Isometric' focuses on bass modulations for a quirky arsis set to scant but rolling beats. 'Hunger' keeps the pedal to the metal, with a hyperactive bassline pulsations keeping the vibe unrelieved.

Chaser - Dash (Original Mix)
Chaser - Ambition (Original Mix)
Chaser - Digital Summer (Original Mix)
Chaser - Isometric (Original Mix)