Chaos In The CBD – Invisible Spectrum [Rhythm Section International]

This transcribe, with readiness beyond the years of this unsophisticated end result together, solidifies this placement. The earliest EP captured a twinkling in interval in a way few records can administer. The musics stoutness lies in its exquisiteness – the tracks require your heed in an effortless manufacture and hang on to it, sound until the aftermost cane. This next up EP is an equally beatified omnium gatherum of tracks that revel in the fresh sundown deep intuit that Formlessness in The CBD from been honing upwards the heretofore two years. It was hailed as a jewel, capturing the concentration of all who listened, as evidenced by the unslakeable request for the 12. South London favourites Bedlam in the CBD take place stand behind to Accent Leg Universal one year after their breakthrough EP Midnight in Peckham. Another unbelievably stalwart log from RS INTL, who are proving to be unstoppable of modern. Turmoil in the CBD are proving their situation as doubtful heroes in a london music furor teeming with power.

Chaos In The CBD - Invisible Spectrum (Original Mix)
Chaos In The CBD - Observe, Pt. 2 (Original Mix)
Chaos In The CBD - Significant Others (Original Mix)