Chainsmoker – Goblin’s Groove [Urban Kickz Recordings]

UKR welcomes back New York techno phenom Chainsmoker for his first album on UKR, although he truly needs no introduction as this is his third outstanding release on the label, and what a jacking affair this is! The album is titled Goblin's Groove and if you're into purist quality bangin' no further, this one's for you. Known for his take no prisoners approach to his music production, Chainsmoker comes out of the gates swinging with Death Run III, super intense tom action here followed up by Drums In The Deep, a mercurial banger with wicked synth elements and tripped out vocals throughout. A teaser of a wait for the break when the synth bass comes in full ! Next up comes Goblin's Groove, a sonic beatdown of epic proportions, with its flanged out effects, warped synths and a monster of a breakdown that actually slows down and then cranks back up, followed by soaring pads and uplifting synth stabs. Raw and vibrant! Chainsmoker's in top form as always delivering his unique blend of warehouse sizzle with attitude and vibe. The heat continues with a drum attack titled Honey Child(Play) that reminds one of a DJ Rush anthem with its 32nd percussive action and vocal saying 'Play With Me' coming in and out of the to bring much drama to the dance floor. Continuing on with absolutely no hesitation is Chainsmoker's next banger titled Lightworks, a driving belter with toms ablaze, ride cymbals, claps and hi hats weaving through catchy mind-bending synths. As if this release can't get any bigger New York's relentless techno soldier brings even more heat to the table with the anthem titled Gloom, an infectious club stormer that's sure to have sweat dripping off the walls and then some. Huge track! Last but not least Chainsmoker delivers what could be one of his most momentous tracks yet titled PsyPhi, a blistering and mesmerizing ode to Detroit, with its surreal synths, sultry female vocal beckoning the listener in with 'I can show you something'. Super heat from a man who lives and breathes the underground movement… welcome to the futuristic world of Chainsmoker and welcome to the techno sound of UKR.

Chainsmoker - Death Run III (Original Mix)
Chainsmoker - Drums In The Deep (Original Mix)
Chainsmoker - Goblin's Groove (Original Mix)
Chainsmoker - Honey Child(Play) (Original Mix)
Chainsmoker - Lightworks (Original Mix)
Chainsmoker - Gloom (Original Mix)
Chainsmoker - PsyPhi (Original Mix)