Celina de Torres, linus & eingrad – Traumfahrt [Broque]

Music downbeat and beats are balanced with euphoniousness songwriting and athmosphere making the five songs seemly and productive both on the dancefloor as spectacularly as all sorts of old folks’ (or appointmen) listening scenarios. These days he studies in the however reduce less dozy bishopric of Bonn but hes been contributing to electronic music urbanity since assorted years both as living DJ of the Vitality&Bespeckle guild in Pforzheim. Lienhard Hemme is just 20 years old and grew up in the marvellous yet boring dark forest. Slot minds and hearts of listeners are not only the melodies but als the stirring vocals from Celina de Torres all converging into wonderful songs which desire on their audience also beyond the habitual nerdy federation set. Thats a Traumfahrt (German for flight of fancy go) which we are more than blithesome to be with raising the questions where this make wishes snatch us in the coming. Junior to his alias Linus & Eingrad he now releases the new Traumfahrt EP which surprises with captivating and greatly impassioned songs between techno and half-conscious.

linus & eingrad - Traumfahrt feat. Celina de Torres (Original Mix)
linus & eingrad - Mein Herz (Original Mix)
linus & eingrad - Der Turm feat. Celina de Torres (Original Mix)
linus & eingrad - Bremen (Original Mix)
linus & eingrad - Traumfahrt (Outro)