Cedric K Gasaida, Johnson Barnes, Pavel Dovgal – The Aura [Project Mooncircle]

In other respects the atmosphere has also been described as a map of the thoughts and feelings nearby a person. The Emanation' and the acceptance in it can be found in little short of all cultures in one profile or another. Oftentimes signifying fields of animation and spirituality, an atmosphere is a luminous radiational ring surrounding a person or be against. It is said that all objects and all living things clear such an character.

Pavel Dovgal - Floating Beams (Original Mix)
Pavel Dovgal, Johnson Barnes - The Aura feat. Blu (Original Mix)
Pavel Dovgal - Nibiru (Original Mix)
Pavel Dovgal - Inspiration / Inner Beauty (Original Mix)
Pavel Dovgal, Cedric K Gasaida - Euphoria feat. Starving Yet Full (Original Mix)
Pavel Dovgal - Waiting for the Sun (Original Mix)
Pavel Dovgal - Quency feat. Mujuice (Original Mix)
Pavel Dovgal - The Soul of Mbira (Original Mix)
Pavel Dovgal - Changes feat. Graciela Maria (Live Version)
Pavel Dovgal - VHS (Outro ReEdit)
Pavel Dovgal - The Highest (Original Mix)
Pavel Dovgal - Euphoria (Instrumental)
Pavel Dovgal - The Aura (Instrumental)