Cause Of You, Tropical Ground, Lewis Beck, Matthias Leisegang – My Body [DRUM Records]

Skippy rolling basslines and beats, and dubbed up vocals let the footmarks capture master of the dancefloor. After the enormous good fortune of our finish finally publish 'Bobby Harvey ft BTNY – 'Steer Me' we possess been dropping trail after railroad after traces – ensuring our sample does not miscalculate. To w when he turned in his mix, his mix went beyond our lofty expectations. Lewis Beck: One of 'THE' finds of the year. His hi remix blends psyche vs acid into fiyah. A perfect debutant welcomed to the label

Tropical Base: Another debutant, and another extraordinary mix. This man can do no bad. One of the labels biggest asset's 'Matthias Leisegang' drops his lengthy anticipated unattached 'My Cadaver' on DRUM Records

A Brobdingnagian vocal led stria with transmissible hooks, and enormous remixes to boot. Mind out for big things coming from this guy. Pulsating dominant cell fight from one of DRUM Records latest ingenious partners. Already released tracks on the likes of Whartone Records, his ring is like no other that we suffer with heard, and the whole shebang we look for. Having recently released his tracks with Todd Terry on his In-Dwelling Imprint, we are rather well-timed to be working alongside this really crack New Yorker. Agent Of You: Having released on the likes of Simma Coloured, we knew his worth already.

Matthias Leisegang - My Body (Lewis Becks Moody Acid Vibe)
Matthias Leisegang - My Body (Tropical Ground Club Mix)
Matthias Leisegang - My Body (Ibiza43 Mix)
Matthias Leisegang - My Body (Cause Of You Rollin Dub)