Catchment – Trapped [Azuli Records]

Catchment 'Trapped' (Extended Mix)
Written by Marston Freeman & Colonel Abrams
Produced & Clashing by Catchment
Representative Replay Effort by Device Summers at SCORCCIO Taste Replays

Published by Widespread/MCA Music Fixed
P&C 2016 Azuli Records Chordal piano, a bouncing 4/4 cane and swanky vocal harmonies bond to spawn a sparklingly original, cheerful domicile effect that's headed to put a beam on your veneer. Azuli knows how to neighbourhood the records that are prospering to put together on the dancefloor. 'Trapped' purpose resonate with the most upfront DJs and congress heads, contribution the best recently summer appear. Catchment accept in the stylistic footsteps of acts like Gorgon Big apple and Disclosure with this neatly packaged home inexpensively filled to the gunwales bursting of euphoric moments.

Catchment - Trapped (Extended Mix)