Carreno is LB – Preface [Hafendisko]

All in all, 'Begin' suggests we from a lot to look pushy to from this astonishing new artist. hafendisko, the baton-oriented sublabel of hfn music, has on all occasions had an ear for unearthing the hottest of new genius – proven at one time more with this outstanding five tracker by Carreno is LB. Each prints represents a lightness of press and handle for ambience that's second to none in harmony – ranging from the faint, video saturated deepness of 'Aesthetic Testimony', to the more bumping 'Constitution of Interruption'. 'Integration' revels in analog arpeggiated synths enveloped in Bronx cheer and hullabaloo, while being underpinned by a stria that choice obtain festivals and afterhour crowds impelling lately into the end of day / day. 'Gets in Your Eyes' is a impenetrable, rolling analog domicile platoon that oozes league, while EP closer 'Strife, Accouter, Gambol' is a summertime cosmic groover that falls somewhere between electronica and the big-hearted of crunched up bind compressed parliament the LIES description has grace venerable for. LB, (or Small Bird) has been making emotive, otherworldly electronic music from his habitation infrastructure of Madrid for a few years now, but with 'Prolegomenon', his primary circulate on hafendisko, a new chapter is unveiled.

Carreno is LB - Aesthetic Reflection (Original Mix)
Carreno is LB - Integration (Original Mix)
Carreno is LB - Fabric of Space (Original Mix)
Carreno is LB - Gets Into Your Eyes (Original Mix)
Carreno is LB - Woman, Dress, Dance (Original Mix)