Carre – Grey Scale [Alter]

Vary is proud to declare the publish of 'Bloodless Prorate increase' by Japanese Industrial duo Carre. In the first place released as a CD in Japan last year, the music on 'Smoky Gradation' was composed for an fair by Carre and painter Sakura Kondo with the audio and visual line created auspices of a interactive resourceful reciprocate. Using a mix of synthesisers, to order made electronics and guitar, Carre physique their peculiar fasten on on industrial music from the territory up. The end effect saw Kondo's outline paintings come up to survival as chew-sized Industrial wormholes, evoking thoughts of a more textural Conrad Schnitzler or some subgenus of strayed Floor show Voltaire bedroom recording.

Carre - Tin Reverb (Original Mix)
Carre - LFTM #1 (Original Mix)
Carre - Open (Original Mix)
Carre - Mortar Sleigh (Original Mix)
Carre - Tepid Liquid (Original Mix)
Carre - Vertigo (Original Mix)
Carre - LFTM #2 (Original Mix)
Carre - Geography (Original Mix)
Carre - Siemens Und Halske (Original Mix)
Carre - Trompete (Original Mix)