Cardopusher, Worker/Parasite, Crash ID, Lamaze – Common Denominator [Classicworks]

Classicworks return with a bold new compilation of psychedelic synthesis from collaborators around the world sharing their interest in tough, classically crafted cuts.

Representing the first release of the Barcelona-based label of 2016, the cassette format has allowed them to curate an extended selection of tracks from some of their favourite producers for the first time.

Operating within the conventions of industrial/ebm influenced protohouse and techno, its contributors include Nehuen, Crash ID, Lamaze, Daniel Araya, Worker/Parasite, Bill Converse, Dallas Acid and Cardopusher.

Lamaze - A Romantic Solution (Or Charade) (Original Mix)
Dallas Acid - Eat My Brain (Original Mix)
Bill Converse - Ice TrayFx Twin (Original Mix)
Daniel Araya - Blackbird (Original Mix)
Nehuen - Sarcastic Behaviour (Original Mix)
Crash ID - Tama Jam Tx (Original Mix)
Worker/Parasite - Shit Fucking Life (Original Mix)
Cardopusher - Fading Memory (Original Mix)