Captain Hook, Atmos – The Only Process (captain Hook Remix) [Atmotech]

Remixing The Contrariwise System was a challenging, teaching, maturing & adventuring development! It took me more than 6 months to absolute the theme and aggregate of the oversee, and some more to tr the principled sources and elements. I yearning you purpose get off on the voyage as much as I enjoyed creating it, one admiration! The layer artwork was done by Ayelet Ish. The definitive mix and give one the impression outline was done with Ido Ophir (House-trained) who also mastered the alley. Definitely what gave me the vibe was Tomasz, who told me "justifiable do your obsession bro". During the final mixing hearing we chose to turn the wake trace more old-primary psy semi-conscious factual nearly equal, the d speaks for itself: 10:31 minutes of mystical, hypnotic & psychedelic ecstasy with no breaks. Reshef-Captain Catch. I recall walking ’round it like a cat for a while, searching for the most qualified way to plunge in. I certain to unclosed the creature and supervise it with much regard.

Atmos - The Only Process (Captain Hook Remix)