Camilo Garcia, Logic Species – Nebula [Geomagnetic]

Interested in the fabrication of electronic music since 2010, he continues to mould and recondition with each tale and the expropriate of indefatigable work studies. We expectation you like it, decamp a big hello and descry Wisdom Species at a fete away you a moment. Geomagnetic Records presents a up to date issue titled Nebula with three profound and heady, sagacity clearing complete, foot stomping revolutionary psy tracks by Wisdom Species. This EP is exceptionally precise because the track with Camilo Garcia, as it was their essential shaping together for conclave ideas. Franco Ayup aka Ratiocination Species, is a more new scheme from Argentina, which began when Franco got to grasp this magnificent music that is Psytrance thanks to a old china and comrade Camilo Garcia. Sound judgement Species has releases with Melopea Records and PLU Records.

Logic Species - Apodyopsis (Original Mix)
Logic Species, Camilo Garcia - Nebula (Original Mix)
Logic Species - Awake (Original Mix)