Camea, La Fleur – Hedione Ep [Watergate Records]

Camea steps up to remix 'Longevity' and nails it with a masterfully done modification keeping all the advantage and meeting of the authentic but captivating it into her own trademark while underhanded with a heavier palette of drums resulting in a frantic trek into the lofty. The right line 'Hedione' kicks things off with a low slung bass oblique, aglow shimmers and a weird vocal culminating in a wonderful neat up to date continually harass while 'Bloomer' takes a more lively compare with with a prototypical acid border and spooky vocals laid throughout a hypnotic rifle of breakable analog percussion. For our next vinyl untie, La Fleur returns by gracing us with her signature finger on on a principal EP entitled 'Hedione' including a remix from the one and solitary Camea. Atop of the go over of three tracks La Fleur takes us on a stroll during the multifarious arrays of her chic, blending retro concepts into tomorrow hits. Rounding the EP out is 'Longevity' and it's the headiest of all three embracing nostalgic melodies that spur the cerebral moments you squander yourself and epoch ceases to survive.

La Fleur - Hedione (Original Mix)
La Fleur - Bloomer (Original Mix)
La Fleur - Longevity (Camea Remix)
La Fleur - Longevity (Original Mix)