Cairn – Casting Shadows [Emergent Shores]

Following on nicely willing-clever is 'Epoch Goes By' but with a bigger touch of nostalgia and cheerless undertones, and rounding off the EP with stratum is 'In Another Survival' which acts as the unequalled closing way with a reprise to the above melodies. 'Snap' features a passionate, calming essential piano composition which is built on by multitudinous atmospheric plucked melodies and incomprehensible chorded pads. Unequalled for listening to whilst gazing off into the most orange of sunsets, the comfortable, restful sounds of CAIRN's 'Casting Shadows EP' has all things that's needed to elevate your inclined into the clouds. 'Casting Shadows' offers a shed weight more cheerful stria and an equally glorious chord essence with euphoric vocal expressions and sad table melodies. Located in the pint-sized city of Knutsford in England, Ste Miller aka CAIRN shows his skilfulness in composing in the clouds, calm music with his latest let 'Casting Shadows EP'.

Cairn - Breeze (Original Mix)
Cairn - Casting Shadows (Original Mix)
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