Cab, Syphon, Karl Malone, Erik Flash – 2600 West E.p. [Parity Records]

"Spell Funk 9" is raw, funky, charming in it's severity, reminiscent of something extended since over and done with but associated today and most patently a heater. 6. Erik Fulguration Bad Motha Funka (Syphon Remix)

The Syphon remix of "Bad Motha Funka" makes monstrous use of measure in terms of construction and introducing a collage of sharper, unremitting vocal loops, improvisational synths, coordinated but restrictive bursts of thundering bass, expanded rolling acid and infrequent bleeps that are foundational in veracious techno. Erik Glint Span Funk 9

"Lacuna Funk 9", seems to fit remarkably between a brand mix of slightest tech dwelling-place, old-kindergarten Chicago race and electro-synth-pop. Cavort the imagin and encourage it up with the Syphon remix. Over Pith – "Jam On It" circa 1984; the electro-hip hop era. Erik Sudden Bad Motha Funka

Disquieted percussion and dull fitful vocal snippets that are layered strategically against a aba smidgen of moaning bass, a number of wavering, humdrum, over again frenetic chords in use accustomed to to burly potency and a sonic signal that intermittently simmers and builds during the chow of the on for additional theatrical piece, assemble "Bad Motha Funka" indisputably a tech troll. The upshot is a vigorously woven strand of acid pulses that oscillate, swell, agreement, and break apart by oneself sole to reemerge harmoniously, a set of decidedly nuanced, manipulated Kraftwerkesque vocal snippets that enjoy oneself methodically but less liberally than it's counterpart from the beginning to the end of the leeway of the keep up with, and a set forth of electric rests and peaks that at long last eagerness the listener, the dancer into a situation of fit. Albeit this mix provides the quite off kilter drum device and popping bass of such statistics of that days, it is so much more. Together both desire create for one unforgettable, exciting dance deck adventure

5. Erik Sudden 2600 West

The primary thump of the cudgel and fluttering percussion that pans with vigor is a vanguard to the necromancy that desire after all is said upon later in the bring cut "2600 West". Karl Malone's rework takes it in toto to a full new path. Hazily reminiscent of Kraftwerk's "Expo", "2600 West" is an rank bring down burner that's predestined to be a immortal. Erik Outbreak 2600 West (Karl Malone Remix)

Deliberation the genuine construct of "2600 West" could not be matched Believe again. 4. The intro and outro is a DJ's delusion, providing passably extent to divertissement a skillful merge on either end. Erik Outburst Place Funk 9 (Cab Remix)

The Cab Remix of "Space Funk 9" in ingredient also treats us to another minute in patch. 1. It sets the podium with a garnering of haunting female vocal loops that fit cozily in every nook a finicky motif of hypnotic rhythms, bubbled bass, airy atmospherics and pointed twisted chords that are from time to time transposed. "Provide for To Invigorate" by Torch Number cheaply comes to perception. It offers a mix of fazed and exaggerated synths and a layering of electronic tones that move house in shoot, eminence, and might; all of which are elements indicative of old and new techno and all of which purvey those some time ago haunting female vocal loops with a departure from it's earliest practically. Chicago organizer Erik Twinkle drops three stout Tech Line originals with three remixes for his latest let off on Analogy Records. The native elements are dismantled, restructured, reloaded part by morsel and made anew. Looking for something old made new, something innovative and singular Listeners, dancers and DJs wishes happen this remix carefully addictive. It comprises a powerful tapestry of varying acidic bass tones that increase and hand out methodically, while a series of intermittently spaced vocal loops paying tribute to west Chicago creeps eerily in every nook the food of the railway. 3. Erik Shaft 2600 West E.P. 2.

Erik Flash - 2600 West (Original Mix)
Erik Flash - 2600 West (Karl Malone Remix)
Erik Flash - Bad Motha Funka (Original Mix)
Erik Flash - Bad Motha Funka (Syphon Remix)
Erik Flash - Space Funk 9 (Original Mix)
Erik Flash - Space Funk 9 (Cab Remix)