Bumps & Bridges, Sneaky Freq, Audio Bigot, Arlles Stic – White Coma [Tight Groove Recordings]

Do you like Techno? Of course you like Techno! You'd be silly not to! Here at Tight Groove Recordings we like to delve in unique and masterful producers and their production. That's been our norm for over the past three years; and here we are again with more of the same! "White Coma" by Arless Stic is our most recent jackpot! This single features some killer original production by the title artist and some equally as impressive remix work by Audio Bigot and Sneaky Freq! These tracks will drive you to get on that dance floor or behind the booth!

Arlles Stic - White Coma (Original Mix)
Arlles Stic - White Coma (Audio Bigot Remix)
Arlles Stic - White Coma (Sneaky Freq Remix)
Arlles Stic - White Coma (Bumps & Bridges Remix)