Bumich, Goeran Meyer, Moe Danger, Dominik Berlin – Berlin Backbord (the Remixes) [Spielbox]

and trndmsk (trnd musik) took the occasion to imagine a remix dispute whose three winners managed to metrical top the creative set with their mixes. Dominik Berlin (Wonne Musik), Moe Threat (Metropolitan Records) and Goren Meyer (Wonne Musik) transmute Berlin Backboard in Cyclopean clubby music that drive be loved by friends of Bottomless Race tunes as fabulously as followers of Tech Line. Peter Kreis Berlin Backboard has experienced crucial spinning in clubs all upward of Germany so Spielboxdig dis!

Peter Kreis - Berlin Backbord (Dominik Berlin Remix)
Peter Kreis - Berlin Backbord (Moe Danger Remix)
Peter Kreis - Berlin Backbord (Goeran Meyer Remix)
Peter Kreis - Berlin Backbord (Bumich Remix)