Bumble – Biological Ripples [Shanti Planti]

Welcome to the 10th release from Bumble. This album stretches the musical expanses, to deliver a positive 10 songs, heavy with organic instrumentation and lathered with sub and squelchy frequencies. This balance of tracks delves through the deeper downbeat realms of the concept whilst also providing up beat and bright funk inspired dance floor treats.
All compositions, instrumentation, percussion, vocals and stories have been written and played/sung by Max Von Bumble apart from the additional contributions by Matthew Ashbolt on bass guitar (Track 4, 10) and additional percussion contributions by Borja Valls (Track 2,3,6,7,8).

Bumble - Sun Don't Know It's a Star (Original Mix)
Bumble - Flux (Original Mix)
Bumble - Ebb and Flow (Original Mix)
Bumble - Leave a Trace (Original Mix)
Bumble - Shake Up (Original Mix)
Bumble - Keplunk! (Original Mix)
Bumble - Bee Here Now (Original Mix)
Bumble - Clear Vision (Original Mix)
Bumble - Biological Solar Panels (Original Mix)
Bumble - Ecotone (Original Mix)